HOLDTRADE GMBH Port & Railway Technology HOLDTRADE GMBH Port & Railway Technology


Traffic and Transport

  • locomotives, wagons, passenger coaches and spare parts thereoff
  • facilities for maintenance and repair of locomotives and rolling stock
  • special equipment for maintenance facilities for locomotives and wagons
  • permanent way material
  • equipment for track maintenance
  • general stock items, hand tools etc.
  • cargo and container handling equipment

We maintain an office in Tanzania and are linked to associated HOLDTRADE companies in U.K., Ghana. In addition, a close network of related companies and agents exists in various other countries.

Port-related Equipment

  • Harbour handling equipment
  • Forklift trucks: for handling fully laden ISO containers 20/40'; for handling empty containers
  • Reach stackers
  • Port Tractors: RORO tractors, Terminal tractors, Highway trucks
  • Trailers:Terminal trailers, Draw-bar trailers
  • Workshop equipment for repair & overhaul or containers etc.
  • Wear + Spare Parts Supply for: Forklift trucks, reach stackers, tractors, trucks, trailers
  • Fire Fighting Equipment: Fire fighting trucks, fire fighting pumps, fire extinguishers

Railway Equipment and Port Related Equipment

HOLDTRADE GMBH Port & Railway Technology

Railway breakdown cranes Re-railing and rescue equipment
Workshop equipment
  • Wheel shop machinery, such as:
  • Wheel profiling lathe
  • Wheel presses
  • Gibson ring rolling machines
  • Tyre heaters
  • Axle lathes
  • Tyre boring machines
  • Hub boring machines
  • Axle journal grinding + polishing machines
  • Tyre removal equipment
  • Optical measuring equipment
  • Axle and bogie lifters
  • Locomotive and wagon lifting jacks
  • Spring testing equipment
General workshop machinery, such as:

  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Boring machines
  • Shaping machines
  • Crack testing machines
  • Overhead travelling cranes
  • General lifting equipment
  • Furnaces
  • Forging hammers
  • Tin-smith equipment
  • Air compressors
  • Acetylene and oxygene generators
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Washing and cleaning equipment for traction motors, generators, bogies, diesel engines etc.
  • Workshop machinery and equipment for overhaul of electric traction
  • motors and generators 5.16 Small workshop tools including electric and pneumatic hand tools
  • Testing equipment
Swarf bailing press
Mobile workshops Vans/trucks
Equipment tor internal transport such as: Electric/diesel platform trucks
Forklifts etc.
Laboratory equipment
Wood working machinery and saw mill machinery
Ticket printing machinery
Equipment tor track maintenance:
  • Gang trolleys and rail cars
  • Ballast cleaners
  • Small track maintenance equipment incl. hand tools
Track material:
  • Rails
  • Sleepers
  • Rail Fastening items
  • Turnouts and crossings
Track lubricators  

Wheels, axles, tyres, wheel sets

  • Hydraulic lubricator
  • Mechanicallubricator

Small parts

  • Coil springs
  • Leaf springs
Equipment for Locomotives + Wagons
  • Window frames
  • Spare parts